CHELA by Dulce Maria Solis - Directed by todd blakesley


In 2009 I collaborated for more than two and a half years with Dulce Maria Solis, transforming her mother's extraordinary story from two-actors to a touring solo show.  Ducle's gift at storytelling, balancing comic insanity with horrific darkness, and her facility at portraying multiple characters, gave me a directorial experience I will always cherish.

CHELA traces her mother's journey from childhood in Mexico to domestic imprisonment in an apartment in Oklahoma City.  From Dulce's birth to their escape from the brutality that threatened their very existence.  Their bid for freedom is testament to a human spirit that no wall, concrete or psychological, can withstand.

Both versions of CHELA had runs at Casa 0101 in Los Angeles. The solo version had runs at The Santa Monica Playhouse, The Hollywood Fringe Festival, ion theatre (San Diego), The New York International Fringe Festival and others.  Dulce also performed CHELA at a residency and workshop she spearheaded at MECA (Multicultural Education and Counseling through the Arts) in Houston, Texas.

The PHOTO GALLERY below  features production photos from both the two-actor and solo versions.  

PHOTO CREDITS: Skira, Jazz, Todd Blakesley.